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Akasha Gamana In Hinduism – Yogic Power To Fly

The yogic power to travel through air or power to fly in Hinduism is known as akasha gamana. It is the power which a yogi acquires after practicing yogic concentration. According to some stories in ancient literature, yakshas, kinnaras, gandharvas and renowned sages are endowed with the power to travel through air at will.

Patanjali mentions this power among the vibhutis (distinguished markers) and siddhis (realized attainments) of yoga, which are achieved through concentration.

Samyama is attained through continuous deliberation of chitta (receptive self) on an object which may be gross or subtle, manifest or unmanifest, material or spiritual. It could also be purely conceptual. The process of samyama proceeds through three stages, dharana (holding an object in mind), dhyana (reflection) and samadhi (deep meditation) with respect to a particular object or idea. When it is perfected by practice, one can command complete knowledge of an idea or a desired power.

Akasha Gamana is a power (Yogasutra III.42), developed by practicing samyama on the relation of one’ body with akasha (space/ether), light and other subtle objects. It is believed that a devoted practitioner of samyama can travel through air and walk on the surface of water.