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What Is Required Is Faith And Sincerity - Then Everything Will Be Alright

Once Shiva, the great God, was playing a game of chess or something like that with his consort Parvati. In the middle of the game Shiva stopped and seemed to become very thoughtful. But after a few moments He resumed the game as if nothing had happened. Then Parvati became curious and she asked Him why He became so thoughtful all of a sudden.

Shiva said: ‘A devotee of mine was travelling through a forest. Robbers came and attacked him, so I was about to go to his rescue, when the man drew his sword and drove off the robbers. As he drew his sword in self defense, there was no need of my going to his rescue and therefore I continued with the game. Had he depended on Me, I would have protected him from harm.’ God is ready to take our entire burden, but we have no faith.

Once Sri Ramakrishna was suffering from throat trouble and he suffered much. Seeing his suffering, one of the pundits said, ‘Sir, you have great power. If you direct your mind towards the seat of the disease, the disease will surely leave you.’ Sri Ramakrishna thought for some time and then he replied Sir, I thought you were a spiritual man, but now I see that I was mistaken: otherwise how could you ask me to put my mind on the diseased spot? My mind is entirely given to the Divine Mother. How can I then take it away from Her and put it on this material body, which is but a cage in which the soul dwells?’ What is required after all is faith and sincerity. Then all will come right.