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We Can Know God By Loving Him – Story

Once a boy came to his guru and he said, ‘Sir, how can we know God?’ The guru replied, ‘We can know God by loving Him’. ‘But,’ said the boy, ‘how can we love God?’ Then the guru said, ‘Come with me.’ They went a little distance and came to a pasture where a cow was grazing. The guru said, ‘Do you see that cow? Go and love that cow and when you have succeeded in doing that, I shall answer your question.’ The boy went to the owner of the cow and asked to be permitted to look after the animal. The owner consented and the boy took the cow, gave her a clean and warm shelter, fed her with delicious grass and young twigs and flowers, gave her plenty of fresh water and always lived with the cow, caressing her and trying to make her as happy as possible.

Many days passed when the guru thought that he would see how the boy was progressing with the cow. He sent for him and soon the boy appeared at the cottage. The guru saw him coming and when he came to the door bade him enter the cottage. But the boy remained outside in front of the door. The guru said, ‘Come, my boy. I am happy to see you. Enter and take your seat.’ But still the boy did not enter. Then the guru said, ‘Why do you not come inside? I would like to talk to you.’ The boy replied, ‘Yes, sir, I would like to come in, but my horns are too big; they will not allow me to enter through the door.’ The guru realized how strictly the boy had carried out his command and how wonderfully he had succeeded. For through his intense love the boy had so much identified himself with his pet cow that he became like her in his mind. The guru was immensely pleased. He took the boy in and told him to leave the cow and transfer his love now to God. The boy did as he was told and very soon became a great saint.