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Symbolism In Sipping Water Thrice In Hinduism Before Pujas And Rituals

Achamana is the act of purifying one’s body by thrice sipping water and touching several parts of the body with it. It is performed before Hindu ceremonies and rituals. This act has an important symbolism.

  1. It is performed three times to purify the devotee at the emotional, mental and physical level.
  2. It is also done to purify the waking, sleeping and dreaming state.
  3. It is also performed to purify the three modes of material nature, that is, goodness, passion and ignorance.
  4. It is also performed to infuse the person performing the ritual with the knowledge of sat chit ananda (knowledge, existence and bliss).
  5. It is also performed to ignite the potential, kinetic and creative energies in the performer.