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Story Of Vettakkorumakan And Vishnu

Vettakkorumakan is a very popular deity worshiped mainly in central and north Kerala. There is an interesting folk story associated with Vettakkorumakan and Bhagavan Vishnu. Vettakkorumakan is the son of Shiva and Goddess Parvati – born when Shiva took the Kiratamurti form (hunter) and Goddess Parvati that of Kirati (wife of hunter) to test determination and perseverance of Arjuna in the Mahabharata.

The boy grew up into a mischievous lad and hunted animals with a bow and arrow for animals. He defeated the demons and evil people. But his naughtiness became irksome to the sages who were doing penance in the forest. They complained Brahma, who expressed his helplessness as the lad was the son of Lord Shiva.

They then went to Vishnu Bhagavan and narrated about the nuisance created by the son of Shiva. Vishnu Bhagavan agreed to solve the problem through diplomacy.

Vishnu arrived at the forest in disguise carrying golden churika (a double edged flexible sword having a spear like end and a sword like blade). Vettakkorumakan was immediately attracted to the new weapon and he wanted it. Bhagavan Vishnu agreed to give him provided he will always hold the hurika in his hand. The boy initially agreed but soon realized that if he were to hold the churika , he cannot use the bow and arrow.

Bhagavan Vishnu revealed his true form to Vettakkorumakan and requested to go Kerala (Parasurama Kshethra), where he would be honoured with proper offering and also by breaking of coconuts. Vettakkorumakan with the permission of his parents went to Kerala.