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Rashimana – Measure Of Value Of Rashi In Hindu Astrology

Rashimana is the measure of value of Rashis in Hindu astrology. Rashimana (Mana meaning ‘measure’) is a concept that old astrological texts deal with. Jataka Parijata and Brihat Jataka give the value for Meha to Kanya, as 20, 24, 28, 32, 36 and 40 degrees respectively; for the remaining six rashis from Tula to meena, it is in the reverse order. Thus, pair of rashis Mesha and Meena have 20 as mana and these are 24 for Vrishabha and Kumbha, 28 for Mithuna and Makara, 32 for Karka and Dhanu, 36 for Simha and Vrishabha and 40 for Kanya and Tula.

Bhattotpala, in his commentary on Brihat Jataka, states that these manas multiplied by ten give vighatikas in time. A vighatika is one-sixteenth division of a ghatika – 24 seconds – in terms of modern Western time measurement. Thus, the above duration in vighatikas will be two hundred, two hundred and forty and so on up to four hundred.

In a horary chart, the rasimanas are used for predicting the location of stolen property or the position of the thief. Some astrologers hold that rasimanas can be effectively used for predicting the fruition of results in the events of life.

Thus it is claimed that the rasimanas can be used as relative indicators of distances, heights, and lengths. No commentator, however, has given a more specific use for raismanas.