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Raseshvara Darshana

Raseshvara Darshana is a sub school of the ancient Shaiva Advaita philosophy with leanings towards mysticism, tantra and alchemy. This school believes that ultimate liberation, called jivan mukti, needs to be realized even with the panda (physical body) of the aspirant.

The masters of Raseswara Darshana School postulate samskaras (eighteen processes) and tantras (techniques) for the removal of the mala-nivarana (removal of defects) in this body, refinement of the elements of the body and its transformation to the divine status. This is the foundation for the further Yoga practices. It is only through the instrumentality of the divvya sarira (divine body) that one can experience the flow of rasa (the supreme bliss) from the subtlest level to the grosser level. In its practicality, the followers of this school process the rasa (mercury) through eighteen stages, and the same is used to refine the human body. It resembles, on the practical side, Dhatuvada (school of alchemy), but it is not so due to the philosophical standpoint.

Attainment of khecari siddhi (the mystic power to fly in the air) is considered the hallmark of attainment. The use of Shivalinga (rasa linga) made out of rasa – mercury –according to prescription, it is believed, is capable of bringing good to the individual as well as to the community. The mystic lore of alchemy is said to have been narrated by Shiva Bhagavan to this consort, Goddess Parvati.