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Panchak in September 2023 - Bad Date - Time Based On Nakshatra

Panchak is a period of five days in a month in a Hindu Lunar calendar which is considered inauspicious. Panchak September 2023 time and dates based on Hindu Calendar and Panchang is given below. As per astrologers and Panchangs, it is the transition of Moon from Kumbha Rashi (or Aquarius Zodiac) and Meena Rashi (or Pisces Zodiac).

Panchak in September 2023

Panchak is strictly followed by certain Hindu communities and they do not travel during the period and do not perform any auspicious ceremonies. 

From 10:28 AM on August 30
August 31
September 1
September 2
Till 3:49 PM on September 3

From 6:29 PM on September 26
September 27
September 28
September 29
Till 11:41 PM on September 30

Please note that Panchak is ignored by majority of Hindu communities in South India.

Some people believe that death or accidents taking place during the period is inauspicious.