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Malaparamba Mattummal Narasimha Moorthy Temple – History – Festival

Malaparamba Mattummal Narasimha Moorthy temple is located at Malaparamba near Palachod – Kolathur in Malappuram district, Kerala. The temple is dedicated to Narasimha Avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu. The annual Narasimha Jayanti festival held in Vaishakh month is an important day in the shrine.

Sri Narasimha Moorthy Temple is located on a beautiful hillock called Malaparamba, 4 km south-west of Angadipuram near Perinthalmanna. According to astrological calculations the antiquity of the temple goes back to nearly 4,000 years. It is believed that owing to the unique sanctity of this place, many Rishis had conducted penance here in ancient times. One such Rishi is said to have had a darshan of Maha Vishnu in the Narasimha Avatar form. He then initiated the construction of the Narasimha Moorthy temple for the benefit of the public at large. In course of time the temple gained name and fame, attracting devotees from far and wide though the temple faced many vicissitudes during the centuries that followed.

During the centuries that followed, the brahmanas who had participated in the affairs of the temple had suffered a schism into Shaiva and Vaishnava sects and sectarian conflicts followed soon after. The sectarian strife’s and petty quarrels had their debilitating effects on the administration of the Malaparamba Mattummal Narasimha Moorthy Temple. Consequently, the temple’s fortunes too declined slowly and the temple finally fell to ruins. The management of the temple, later, came into the hands of the local ruling family of Kundarackkal and the Temple recaptured its lost glory.

The temple was completely ransacked and unarmed Hindus were murdered by the army of Tipu Sultan. For several centuries, all around the temple premises, there were only the horrifying remains of the merciless attack against unarmed Hindus, represented by broken temple columns and shattered moortis.

A balalaya or temporary place for worship was constructed here in 2009 to enable the devotees to perform their age old tradition of worship of Narasimha Moorthy at this place.

The renovated temple now has a chathura sreekovil, namaskara mandapam and chuttambalam.

The temple now has a separate area dedicated to Naga worship. Special pujas are held here on Ayilyam nakshatra day.

The main pujas and rituals in the temple include udayasthamana pooja, annadanam, Trikala puja on the birth start of a person, Janma nakshatra puja, Lakshmi Narayana puja, Thiruvona puja, chuttuvilakku, shatru dosha nivarana, sarva dosha nivarana puja etc.