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Is God Partial To Some Of His devotees? – Sri Ramakrishna Answers

Is God partial to some of His devotees? Does He not watch over all of them? Yes, He protects all, no doubt. But very few have their entire trust in Him. Others look up to God, but at the same time they look after their own interest. They have not abandoned themselves entirely. But these highest bhaktas make no effort for themselves. They live in self-surrender. They are dead to the world; they have renounced all. Why then should they turn their thoughts away from God and back to the world again? They will never do that.

 They are like the kitten, says Sri Ramakrishna. The little kitten is carried about by its mother. And it is quite contented to be carried thus. It knows that when its mother carries it, no harm can come. But the little monkey holds on to its mother with its hands and feet. It feels safe with its mother, but it cannot trust her entirely. It believes in its own effort as well. So it is with ordinary devotees.

Bhagavan is ready to carry all, to look after every devotee. But very few have that entire faith in Him.