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He Who Can Control His Love Is Powerful

He who can control his love is all-powerful. Love makes us and shapes us and affects our surroundings, even the material plane. It transforms our entire existence. We must try to cultivate that love, and then gradually the law of love will be revealed to us. Now we are not even aware that there is such a law. And therefore we are so sceptic and we doubt the experiences of the bhaktas. But if we understood the law, many of these so-called miracles would lose their mysterious nature. It would be seen that no effort is produced anywhere without a corresponding cause. But our ignorance makes us unbelievers. And we pride ourselves on our unbelief. We think we are so superior that we do not accept anything without reasoning. But we forget that in our ignorance we do not know how to reason. Our power of reasoning of which we are so proud is very limited. It does not penetrate very far. We all reason, but reason from different standpoints. And then we denounce each other; we call each other fools. We forget that perhaps someday in the far future we also may reason from the same standpoint of those whom we now look down upon.

To suspend our judgment, to withhold denunciation, to accept the possibility of a reasoning power superior to ours — that is also a form of reasoning. It is always wise to leave a margin and not to be too hasty in calling the other fellow a fool. So love of God can be cultivated. It operates according to law as does everything else.

What we love we become. It is through love for God that we become God-like. And whatever we do for Bhagavan with love, be it ever so insignificant or small a deed, that love makes our offering very acceptable.