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Ganachakra Puja

Ganachakra puja or assembly puja is a fairly elaborate puja of its own type. This is done by a practitioner or by the assembly of Vajra brothers and sisters. At this feast offering, they confess the sins they have committed. The process is as always:

The loyalist Vajra brothers and sisters assemble at a cemetery or a quiet place. There they prepare the mandala, duly blessed by vajracharya and yogis and yoginis with ritual performance. Then they display and offer various objects like food items, fruits, flowers, etc. After purifying these puja items, the assembled practitioners invite the host of heruka with his consort and the whole circle. The process is also done in a ritual manner. After japa, they offer all the items to the host and then they share these offerings among themselves. When they eat those offerings, the practitioners have to believe that they have become not different from herukas and dakinis. Even the offerings are not consumed in the normal way. They have to be meditated upon, the offerings have become the items of homa (fire sacrifice), and the eating procedure is the performance of homa to deities who are now residing in the practitioner’s bodies. Then dohas may be sung by a vajracharya. Vajra brothers and sisters are permitted to sing a ritual song and, if the vajracharya allows, Vajra dance may be performed. In fact, all four pujas mentioned above can be seen in this Ganachakra puja.