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Dreaming Of Torn Dress – Meaning

Dreaming of torn dress is a warning sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means sudden attack on you and the scar will cause intense pain and later problems. It also means you will be physically threatened by mad person or weirdly dressed people. Dreams of torn dress also mean your thinking is clouded and there is no proper direction in your life.

Dream of torn dress and you are present in the dream means you will soon face weird situation in life involving people who do not respect social rules and etiquettes. It also means you can be kidnapped.

Dreams of torn dress and you see other people means you will witness something gruesome in a public place. You might also need help of public to solve a problem.

Dreaming of torn dress and if they are colorful means someone will approach you in a nice way but they will have evil intentions.

Dreams of torn dress and you see it getting repaired or turning good means you will defeat your enemies or overcome a problem.