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Dreaming Of Oysters – Meaning

Dreaming of oysters is a positive sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will see change of luck and better fortune. It also means you will get information about hidden wealth or positive news about ancestral wealth. Dreams of oysters and you are unhappy or turning your face away means disappointed with food served.

Dreaming of lot of oysters means travel to seaside. It also means tasting food that you have not eaten. It also means happiness and joy.

Dream of oysters and you are seen picking it up means you will adapt to a new situation. It means change of place or new friends. It also means change of job.

Dream of oysters and ocean together means you need to be patient. You should wait for the right opportunity to do things.

Dreaming of oysters and there are other people in the dream means you will decide to become independent.