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Dreaming Of Ostrich Eggs – Meaning

Dreaming of ostrich eggs is both good and bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means opportunity, fresh approach and new life. It also means you will get opportunity to restart or make a fresh beginning. Dreams of ostrich eggs also means you will be dissatisfied with what you get and you will want get something bigger.

Dreaming of ostrich hatching eggs means success and birth in family. It also means success and honor.

Dreaming of breaking of ostrich eggs is a sign of natural calamity, accident or death.

Dream of ostrich egg yolk means trouble to younger members in the family. It also means children will face health issues.

Dreaming of colorful ostrich eggs means celebration and joyful occasions.

Dream of single ostrich egg and you see yourself means desire fulfillment related to marriage or child birth.

Dreaming of ostrich eggs and you see other people means you will be forced to share a discovery of yours with others.