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Dreaming Of Oshun – Meaning

Dreaming of Oshun is both positive and negative sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. Dream of Oshun means you can expect new romantic relationship or meeting someone you really like. It also means you will fall in love or get a desired partner. Dreams of Oshun and you are seen spending too much money means you will be blinded by lust and it will cause serious problems in your life.

Dream of an angry Oshun means you will get entangled in problems in near future. Something that looks good initially in near future will soon turn into a nightmare.

Dreaming of Oshun in an unknown place means you will soon visit unknown places. It also means travel opportunity to distant lands. It also means traveling with someone you like.

Dream of Oshun and you are not seen in the dream means someone loves you but you are not aware of it. It also means someone secretly admiring you.

Dreams of Oshun and you are happy and giggling or smiling means sexual happiness in near future.