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Dreaming Of Broken Pottery – Meaning

Dreaming of broken pottery is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means unexpected problems to your possessions, things or pottery. It also means you will realize the futility of certain beliefs and relationships when you are able to break it and see it in real light.

Dream of broken pottery and you are seen trying to join or fix them means you might destroy something unknowingly or in anger and might regret the action later.

Dreams of broken pottery and you are not seen in the dream means someone might take advantage of your absence and destroy something you value. It also means enemies being active when you are not around.

Dreaming broken pottery and it is an unknown place means you might regret visiting a new place. It also means a business trip or leisure trip turning out to be a nightmare.

Dream of broken pottery and you see a person breaking it means fights. It also means someone attempting to do something nasty and you objecting to it.