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Dreaming Of Broken Pan – Meaning

Dreaming of broken pan is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will be careless and reckless in near future causing damage to things and property. It also means forgetfulness causing accidents and financial damage. Dreams of broken pan and you are not seen in the dream means your absentmindedness might destroy something valuable. It also means bad luck.

Dream of broken pan and you are trying to fix it in dream means you will be held responsible for something broken. It also means fear clouding your intelligence and you making more mistakes.

Dreaming of broken pan and it is taking place in an unknown place means physical attack on you. It also means getting trapped in an unknown place.

Dreams of broken pan and you are successfully hiding it means you will be able to cover up something bad that you had done. It also means lucky escape after an incident involving you.