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Dreaming Of Broken Nose – Meaning

Dreaming of broken nose is very rare and it is a bad and warning sign as per dream interpretation and meaning. You will experience bad luck and relationship issues in near future. The dream also means suddenly learning about an illness. Dreams of broken nose should be seen as a warning sign about accidents or fights in near future. It also means shame or embarrassment.

Just broken nose dream means you will lose a good opportunity due to lack of planning and by being unpunctual. It also means a sudden development hampering your progress.

Dreaming of broken nose profusely and full of blood means there is chance of accident in near future. You might face some kind of problems from your enemies. It also means carelessness causing damage.

Dreaming of broken nose and then stopping it means you will face some short difficulties but you will be able to solve them. 

Dreaming of broken nose and the blood in your hands or dress means you will witness something gruesome. It also means helplessness and lack of help at the correct time.