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Dreaming Of Broken Molar Tooth – Meaning

Dreaming of broken molar tooth is a negative sign as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream means you can expect some kind of accidents, health problems or relationship issues in near future. It is also a sign of sudden financial problems. Dreams of broken molar tooth and it is not of yours means trouble to someone else causing hardships to you. It also means food related issues making your plans go haywire.

Dream of broken molar tooth with blood is a sign of some kind of illness or bad happenings in the family. It also means embarrassment or public mistaking you had done something terrible.

Dreaming of broken molar tooth and you are attempting to remove it is a warning sign about you trying to fix an accident or mistake and it getting even worse.

Some people rarely have seen dream of swallowing broken molar tooth this means the person will successfully overcome all the problems.

Please note that the dream has to happen naturally. If the dream happens after having some tooth related scene during day time then it has no value. The dream is merely an extension of the daytime activity.