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Dreaming Of Broken Marriage – Meaning

Dreaming of broken marriage is both positive and negative as per dream meaning and interpretation. Dream of broken marriage and you wake up happy or elated means positive changes in relationship. Dream of broken marriage and you are unhappy or sad means you will face relationship issues and you might be helpless. It also means someone very important abandoning you.

Dreaming of your own broken marriage is a sign of upcoming unpleasant situations in life. The dream is asking you to be prepared to face some tough situations.

Dream of seeing someone else’s broken marriage means you will have to mediate or witness something unpleasant in other people’s life.

Dream of broken marriage and you are happy is also sign that you will soon get courage to put an end to a bad relationship. It also means showing courage to do something which society and your family might object to.

Dream of broken marriage and you see your spouse or children means you both will regret a hasty decision later. It means you need to be bit patient and try to find out ways to correct your relationship.