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Dreaming Of Broken Ladder – Meaning

Dreaming of broken ladder is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means sudden problems when you thought success was almost sure. It also means you will be trapped or tricked by someone you trusted. Dreams of broken ladder and no one is climbing it is a warning sign to you. Do things carefully and avoid rushing or blindly following someone.

Dream of broken ladder and you are seen climbing it means you will be forced to take risk to achieve something. It also means you will have to do something in near future when you know there will be problems. It also means accident due to carelessness.

Dreams of broken ladder and someone else is climbing on it means you will trap someone. It also means you will take revenge.

Dreaming of broken ladder and it is changing color or is very attractive means you will fall for something just by its outward looks. You will soon realize that looks are deceiving.