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Dreaming Of Broken Elevator – Meaning

Dreaming of broken elevator is a bad omen and negative sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means accident in near future. It also means you might be stuck in a small place or getting kidnapped or jailed. Dreams of broken elevator is a warning sign and you need to avoid dangerous places and getting into fights or getting angry in near future.

Dream of broken elevator and you know the place means you will be badly hurt and you will not get help at the right time. It means your life will be in danger due to accident or because of another individual. Avoid getting into fight with people in high rise buildings.

Dream of broken elevator and you are trying to escape or struggle means you will witness something really gruesome. It also means you will show courage to come out of a bad situation.

Dream of broken elevator and you see other people in it mean a family member might face accident or attack. It will be life threatening.

Dreaming of broken elevator and you are happy or smiling means you will attempt to kill or physically hurt a person whom you think is causing trouble in your life. It also means destructive and suicidal thoughts.

Please note that dream will only have a meaning if it takes place naturally. Thinking or reading or talking or watching broken elevator during daytime or before sleep and then having the dream have no meaning.