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Dreaming Of Broken Egg Yolk – Meaning

Dreaming of a broken egg yolk is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream of broken eggs means you or someone important to you will face birth related complications at a very later stage. It also means trouble due to negligence. Dreams of a broken egg yolk is a warning sign and the dream is asking you to be careful and avoid all kinds of risks in near future. Broken egg yolks dream also means you will see something that you would have never wanted to see.

Dream of a broken egg yolk and you are not seen in the dream means something you cared for very much or had invested a lot will be destroyed. It also means you not being informed about something bad that had happened to you personally or to a family member.

Dreaming of broken egg yolk and you wake up terrified or sad means trouble to someone who is pregnant in your family. It also means birth related complications in the family. It also means still birth or death of baby.