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Chintamani Griha – Palace Of Goddess Devi

Chintamani Griha is the palace of Goddess Devi (Mother Goddess Shakti). This palace existed on a beautiful planet around 300 trillion years ago. The palace had high pillars on which rested the roofs. The pillars were studded with gems, stones and jewels and they reflected the light of the sun of the planet. The sun set only after 72 hours. There was no fire on the planet. Some gems and stones retained sunlight and heat and reflected it at night which lasted for 72 hours.

It is believed that Shiva met Devi here after his intense meditation in the Mount Kailash. Music and festivities began in the palace with the arrival of Shiva.

The palace was looked after by Nityas, the companion energies of Mother Goddess Shakti. They cooked and cleaned. The palace was filled with music of Gandharvas.

Shiva and Devi sometimes spend a million years in the palace in bliss and union.