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Bhagavad Gita Chapter IX Verse 22

Those who, meditating on Me as non-separate, worship Me in all beings, to these ever-steadfast devotees I secure safety and supply all their needs. (Bhagavad Gita Chapter 9 Verse 22)

Bhagavan Sri Krishna speaks now of the highest bhaktas who worship God in all beings, who know Him as non-separate from themselves. These are the devotees who in deep meditation, in samadhi, have realized His presence and who have identified themselves with Him. Their hearts and minds are always filled with God. They actually feel their union with Him. Constantly they live in the presence of Him who is their real Self.

These are the sannyasins, those who have renounced all that they might possess for God. They have realized that ‘Bhagavan is the wealth of those who have nothing, of those who have thrown away all desires of possession, even that of their own soul.’ They see Him alone, recognizing Him everywhere; for them there is no separation anywhere, all is Divinity, God’s manifestation. Life and Death are same to them. Bhagavan alone exists. There is naught else besides Him.

These are the devotees of whom Sri Krishna said in the seventh chapter, ‘They form My very Self and are very dear to Me.’ ‘And because they take refuge in Me alone, I watch over them and protect them. I secure their safety and give them what they need. They do not look after themselves; they only look up to Me. They forget about their own comfort through love for Me; therefore I watch over them. I, as it were, carry them.’