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Udgitha Sutra Teachings – On Expansion And Contraction Of Universe

According to Chandogya Upanishad (1.6.6), the white light of the sun is ‘sa’; its extremely dark inside is ‘ama’; and their glorious combination makes Sama vidya – a science of cosmic rhythm (chanda). It is assumed that whatever happens in the sun, the same process on the pattern of events take place in other star-like celestial systems. And that has a reflection in the human mind as well.

In other words, the rhythmic coherence between the self and the universe on account of the pranic energy traveling to its far end and rebounding back to the center results in a symphony of mind termed udgitha. This is what ancient Hindu philosophers called ‘the music of spheres’.

According to Udgitha Sutra, the universe rises on the horizon of time and goes on expanding until a certain enormous extent of space is reached. The point of maximum expansion is known as mid-day point (madhyandin bindu). Then the force responsible for expansion becomes weak and an opposite force starts pulling back the whole system. The ultimate limit of the shrinking universe is conceived as a murky midnight point (nisitha bindu). Here, in an august equilibrium of time (kala samya), where the time stands still in a dark realm of sleeping forces and in utter absence of motion, the universe hibernates for aeons together. Then again an independent impulse or unspecified energy brings about a break in time-symmetry and the procession of expansion comes into play. The recurring sequences goes on, and the universe keeps oscillating between the maxima and the minima on the cosmic scale of space and time.

Hindu cosmology is not just for an intellectual entertainment or a mechanical determination of astronomical constants but for an inner fulfillment of man. Material science teaches that every individual is a part of the whole, just as any log of wood is. And therein lays the knowledge of the universe imbued with peace and bliss. Hindu cosmology is, hence not only learning some sensible scientific facts, but also a sublime way of liberation from the lowly bondage of the body to a full freedom of divine glory.