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Temple Of Jurahareswarar or Juradeva – Fever God At Tiruvarur Thyagaraja Temple

Tiruvarur Thyagaraja temple is an ancient temple of Bhagavan Shiva and the deity in the temple is in the Somaskanda form – Shiva seated along with Murugan and Goddess Parvati. The temple is famous for its numerous subsidiary deities. One of the subsidiary deities is Jurahareswarar or Juradeva – Fever God. A unique offering of milagu rasam or pepper rasam (prepared using tomato with pepper) is offered to the deity daily.

As per a popular story associated with Tiruvarur Thyagaraja temple, Shiva annihilated demon Juraha or Jwara or Juram or pani (fever) and is known as Jurahareswarar.

Rasam is widely prepared in South Indian homes especially if a person in the house is suffering from common cold, fever or cough.

Devotees make the offering of milagu rasam to the deity for an early cure from fever. It is believed that those people suffering continuously from fever or cough find relief after making the offering in the temple. The offering is also made for long life by devotees.