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Shringar Seva Aarti At Nathdwara Shrinathji Temple – Rajasthan

There are eight sevas in a day at the famous Nathdwara Shrinathji temple in Rajasthan. Shringar Seva puja and aarti is the second important puja in a day. Shrinathji appears dressed with precious ornaments and flowers before devotees. Each seva at the temple is dedicated to one of the 16th century Ashtachap poets who were famous for their Krishna devotion and is believed to present and singing during each seva. The Shringar puja is dedicted to Nandadas.

Before the darshan, a mirror is shown to Shrinathji so that he is satisfied with the dress and ornaments. He then partake his bhog or food offering. A flute is place between his hands. The doors are opened for darshan after placing the flute.

The ragas sung during this period are Ramakali, Gunakali and Bilaval.

It is believed that Shrinathji plays his flute for Radha during this period.

When the Shringar darshan is over Shrinathji goes to play with his friends of Gokul.