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Sagar – Thick Kheer Bhog – Food Offering At Nathdwara Shrinathji Temple

Sagar is a thick kheer bhog or food offering made during midday at the time of Rajbhog Seva at the famous Nathdwara Shrinathji temple. Sagar is part of the pakke bhog Prasad and is one among the numerous sweets that is offered to Shrinathji during the noon time puja.

Sagar is of two types tiranga sagar or three color sagar and badam sagar only with almonds. Thiranga sagar is made in three layers from mawa the first layer is coloured pink from gulkand or rose petal preserve, the second layer is filled with nuts like cashew nuts, almond and pista and the third layer is garnished with slices of green pista.

The second type is made from mawa filled with only almonds and also garnished with almond pieces.

This food can be consumed during vrat especially during Ekadashi as it does not have any grains.