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Payyanur Kokkanisseri Karimchamundi Temple – Theyyam – Kaliyattam Festival

Kokkanisseri Karimchamundi temple is located at Kokkanisseri near Payyanur in Kannur district, Kerala. This is a small shrine located in Payyanur town and it has chathura sreekovil and shrines of upa devatas. The annual theyyam – Kaliyattam festival in the temple is held on Makaram 16 and Makaram 17 (it usually falls on January 30 and January 31).

The main theyyam performed in this temple is Karim Chamundi Theyyam.

Karichamundi is a forest deity or Vanadevata. This form of Goddess Shakti is worshipped in many temples across Kannur and Kasaragod districts. As per some communities, Karichamundi is a durdevata or deity that wrecks havoc. But as per some communities she is a benevolent deity who is a manifestation of Goddess Mahadevi.