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Pavamana Sukta

Pavamana Sukta is hymn to Pavamana Soma, a deity associated with a nectar-like juice. Rig Veda consists of ten books (mandalas) of which II-VII are homogenous in character and arrangement, each ascribed to one rishi (seer) or one family of seers. Book I was prefixed and VII-X were affixed. Book IX has a peculiarity of its own as far as the arrangement of hymns is concerned. All the hymns in this mandala are, without exception, addressed to one deity and that is the Pavamana Soma, the clearly flowing soma. The hymns are composed by the same rishis as those of book II-VII. Thus it seems probable that all the hymns addressed to Soma of the rishis of books II-VII were taken out and collected together in one separate book and at the same time arranged with regard to the meter. Thus we see that the first 67 hymns are in gayatri meter, 68-86 in jagati, 87-97 in tristubh and the rest in miscellaneous meters.

Soma is the plant whose juice was very dear to men and gods. Soma is identified with the moon also for containing the celestial nectar that pours down through the sieve of heaven. Wisdom lies hidden in the soma and cannot be recognized until one drinks the juice. Indra is especially fond of this juice, which is offered to him for prosperity. Soma was pressed at the yajnas, purified and distributed and offered to gods. Purification of soma is identified with the cleansing of the terrestrial and celestial nectar accompanied by rain and lightning. Thus, reciting pavamana-sukta and worshiping through them was thought to bring health, wealth, and happiness in Vedic times.