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Mangala Aarti Seva Puja At Nathdwara Shrinathji Temple – Rajasthan

There are eight sevas in a day at the famous Nathdwara Shrinathji temple in Rajasthan. Mangala Seva puja is the first important puja in a day. The sanctum sanctorum is opened for Mangala aarti in such a way that Shrinathji who is drowsy in the morning is not rudely shocked by the hustle and bustle created by the large number of devotees is present. The seva is dedicated to Paramanand Das. Each seva at the temple is dedicated to one of the 16th century Ashtachap poets who were famous for their Krishna devotion and is believed to present and singing during each seva.

Mangala aarti seva is performed for peace, prosperity, auspiciousness, fertility, growth and to drive away all kind of negative energy and evil spirits. In winter, quilted garment covers the murti of Shrinathji. In other seasons, he wears an adbandha or dhoti. The divine flute is not place in the hand for Mangala aarti.

Bhajans that are part of the Mangala aarti seva are from Lalita, Bhairava or Vibhasa morning ragas.

The main food offering during Mangala aarti is milk which has been boiled and thickened. In winter milk is served along with almond – doodh badam halwa. The milk is boiled to such thickness that ghee begins to float on the surface.