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Kodumthara Subramanya Swamy Temple – Festival – History

Kodumthara Subramanya Swamy temple is located on the banks of Achankovil River in Pathanamthitta District, Kerala. The temple is dedicated to Murugan or Subramanya. The annual Vishu kani festival is of importance in the temple. Thaipooyam in Makara Masam is the most important festival here.

This is a traditional Kerala style temple with a vatta sreekovil and conical roof. The temple has a namaskara mandapam and shrines of upa devatas.

The upa devatas worshipped here are Shiva, Ganapathy, Mahavishnu, Sri Krishna, Dharma Sastha (Ayyappa), Nagaraja, Nagayakshi and Maha Yakshi Amma.

As per local history, Kodumthara Subramanya Swamy temple was built by the Shakti Bhadras of Chenneerkara Swaroopam. The Shakti Bhadras were Tamil kings, during the third or fourth century CE, they established the Chennirkara Swaroop and was based at Angadikal Kodumon. They brought murtis of Sri Subramanya Swamy, Mahaganapati Mahavishnu Bhagwati and Bhadra Kali from their homeland.

Due to dispute with local people and rulers, Shakti Bhadras were forced to relinquish their rights to the temple. But the Namboothiris, the then temple authorities, refused to give the ruler the manusham he was entitled to. He was attacked and thrown into the river. The king escaped and killed all the Namboothiris except for Karivelimattam Karanavar. The local Nair chiefs then settled the dispute and as part of the settlement Shakti Bhadra king too away the murti of Mahaganapati, Mahavishnu and Bhagavathi, and half of the movable and immovable property, including half of the roofed copper plate. He then installed  Vishnu at Kodumon Vaikundapuram, Bhagavathi at Kodumon Chilanthiyambalam and Mahaganapati at Angadikkal.

The annual festival in the temple is famous for colorful Kavadi procession, ezhunnallathu and other traditional Kerala temple and rituals.