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Kannur Kizhunna Sri Valiyaveedu Kannirasi Temple – Theyyam Festival

Kannur Kizhunna Sri Valiyaveedu Kannirasi temple is located at Kizhunna in Kannur district, Kerala. This is a typical Kavu type of temple owned by family found in Northern Kerala. The annual theyyam festival in the temple is held on Makaram 24 and Makaram 25 (usually February 7 and February 8).

There are three main small sreekovils here. The subsidiary deities are worshipped on small square platforms and there are huge trees in and around the shrine, which are part of worship and rituals.

The important theyyams performed here are Ilamkarumakan theyyam, Nagakanni or Nagakanya, Oorpazhassi Theyyam, Vettakkorumakan Theyyam and Vishnumurthy Theyyam.