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How Sri Krishna Defines His Position And His Relationship To Creation In Bhagavad Gita?

In Chapter 9 of the Bhagavad Gita, we see how step by step Sri Krishna defines His position, His relationship to creation. We do this through the method called arundhati nyaya. What is meant by that?

In India when a bride comes to her husband’s house for the first time, he shows her a very tiny star called Arundhati. To show her that tiny star he has to direct her gaze in the right way, which he does by asking her to look at something near and something big in the direction of the star, say a branch of a tree. Next he draws her attention to a large, bright star observed beyond this branch and so on, till by several steps he succeeds in leading her eyes to the right star. This method of leading to a subtle object through easy steps is called Arundhati nyaya.

Bhagavan Sri Krishna begins by stating in verse seven of chapter IX of Gita that He projects all beings at the beginning of evolution: Prakriti is only an instrument in His hands. Next, He says in verse nine that He is not affected by that act since He sits by as one unconcerned, perfectly unattached. And, finally, in verse ten He leads up to the final Truth that really He does nothing. It is Prakriti who, animated by His proximity, produces all that is. It is His Light that lights up Prakriti and makes her live and act. That is all the relation that exists between Him and Prakriti.