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Goddess Chandeshwari In Hinduism

Goddess Chandeshwari is a powerful manifestation of the Mother Goddess Shakti. Information about Goddess Chandeshwori is found in the Skanda Purana. Temples dedicated to this form of Goddess is found in Nepal.

Popular Story Of Goddess Chandeshwari

A demon named Chanda unleashed reign of terror on earth after getting a boon of invincibility from Shiva. Human beings, saints and demigods approached Brahma for a solution. He directed them to the Chandeshwari form of Mother Goddess Shakti who was residing in the Raktachandana forest in Nepal.

Sage Narada went and informed the demon about the plan of the demigods.

The prayers of human beings, saints and demigods were answered by Goddess Chandeshwori. She agreed to free earth from the rule of the demon. At the very moment, demon Chanda reached the forest. The Demigods took the form of birds and flew away fearing persecution by the demon army.

A battle ensued between the demon and Goddess. Goddess took the form of a tree which was cut down by the demon. The goddess then took the form of a lion and fought with the demon. The battle destroyed the forest leaving behind a rocky landscape. Finally, Chandeshwari annihilated the demon by piercing her trident (trishul) through the stomach of the demon. A shivling emerged from the stomach as he was an ardent devotee of Shiva.