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Food Offerings In Paush Month – Dhanur Masa In Odisha Temples

Paush Month or Dhanur Masa or Dhanu Month (December – January) is of great importance in temples in Odisha. Special food offerings are made in many temples across Odisha. Important food offerings are done on Dhanu Sankranti, Bakula Amavasya and Makar Sankranti.

Special food offering before sunrise are performed in certain temples. At Ananta Vasudeva temple in Bhubaneshwar, kheer and dhanu muan is offered on Dhanu Sankranti day before sunrise. Dhanu mauan is sweetened puffed rice.

Khir Gaintha – dumplings made of rice flour soaked in sweetened milk – is offered on Bakula Amavasya day at Puri Jagannath, Lingaraja and Ananta Vasudeva temples.

Mango blossoms cooked till pistak is offered at the Ananta Vasudeva temple on Bakula Amavasya day.