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Food Offering To Surya – Sun God In Hinduism

Surya, the Sun God in Hinduism, is one of the Navagrahas – the nine celestial bodies. They are propitiated for overcoming bad luck in life and to solve horoscope related problems. Food offering or bhog or naivedya to Surya is part of the pujas and rituals. The details regarding flowers, food offerings, herbs, etc are found in the Matsya Purana.

The main food offering to Surya is kheer or payasam. Any sweet offering made from rice sprinkled with red flowers is the ideal bhog or naivedyam to Surya Bhagavan.

The color associated with Surya is red, the flowers offered are red color flower and the main grain offering (uncooked) is wheat.

The other food offerings made to Surya include red-colored fruits and fruits, jaggery, red lentils, and saffron.