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Dreaming Of Your Veins – Meaning

Dreaming of your veins is a warning sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means health issues and visit to doctor. It also means anger or frustration. It also means you will be forced to do some kind of physical work. Dreams of your veins and you see them breaking or bleeding means tension and stress. It also means witnessing something really which might cause intense distress and increase of blood pressure.

Dream of your veins and you see strangers in the dream means health issues while traveling or away from home. It also means strangers not helping you during a health emergency. It also means getting into altercation with stranger in public.

Dreaming of your veins and you see family members or friends means you might be teased. It also means an embarrassing situation or a secret of yours getting exposed.

Dreams of your veins and you are happy means you will get result of hard work. It also means winning competitions.