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Dreaming Of Om Symbol – Meaning

Dreaming of Om symbol is a positive dream as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream of seeing Om symbol suggests that solution to your problems lies in spirituality, self inquiry and meditation. Dreams of Om symbol also means success and a period of peace. The dream is asking you to find answer to your questions and doubts by turning spiritual. It also means seeking the primordial source and giving up the perishable.

Dreaming of you meditating on Om symbol or chanting Om is a sign of peace in life. You will get a better understanding of many aspects of life.

Dream of Om symbol and you are happy means solution to a very tricky problem in life will be found soon.

Dream of seeing someone else chanting Om or meditating on Om means you will soon find meaningful friendship or might meet a good teacher or Guru.

Dream of lot of Om symbol around or it moving around means you will soon have doubts about your life activities and relationships. It means you will face disappointments with the world.

Dreaming of family members and symbol means you will soon see peace and happiness in family.