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Dreaming Of Old Lady – Meaning

Dreaming of old lady is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will get opportunity to do a good work or charitable act in near future. It also means you will see change of fortune and there will be satisfaction and happiness. Dreams of old lady also means gaining new knowledge from an experienced person.

Dream of old lady and you are not seen in the dream means someone searching for you when you are away from home. It also means you will grow suspicious about someone.

Dreaming of old lady and you know the lady in the dream means you will be forced to help someone in distress and thereby hurting your already fixed plans. It also means a sudden emergency in your neighborhood.

Dreams of old lady in the dream and it is sexually related means you will mistake someone’s intention. It also means trouble due to unwanted thoughts.

Dreaming of old lady and you wake up terrified or angry means someone will try to blackmail you or cause harm to your interests.