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Dreaming Of Ointment – Meaning

Dreaming of ointment is both positive and negative sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you might be bothered by skin ailments in near future. It also means bugs or reptiles causing damage to you. Dreams of ointment also mean you doing something new to your normal skin and it getting damaged. It also means you finding a solution to a persisting problem.

Dream of ointment also means a huge problem that you are facing can be solved in a simple way.

Dreaming of ointment and it is in weird color means you will witness weird things or unexplainable phenomenon. It also means participating in theme parties and getting high and resulting in trouble.

Dreams of ointment and you are not seen in the dream means other people might trick you into using things that you never like to use. It also means others having a laugh at your expense.