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Dreaming Of Oily Hands – Meaning

Dreaming of oily hands is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means accidents and trouble. It also means something you thought was in control might get out of hand. It also means defeat from a sure victory position. Dreams of oily hands are also a sign that you will lose control of something that you had been controlling for a long while now.

Dream of oily hands and you are not seen in the dream means the person whom you gave some responsibility will not do it properly.

Dreaming of oily hands and you see other people means you will attempt to cover up an accident or mistake.

Dreams of oily hands and you see fire or change of color means you will ignorantly enter into a trap set for you. It also means your enemies will be very active in near future.

Dream of oily hands and you wake up happy means you will find solution to a skin problem.