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Dreaming Of Oil Spill – Meaning

Dreaming of oil spill is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will soon face some kind of problems or accident in life and it will be mostly due to carelessness or due to another person’s fault. It also means sudden change of fortune and return of bad luck. You might also see sudden financial loss. Dreams of oil spill also means you might accidently destroy something which cannot be fixed.

Dream of oil spill and it is taking place in an unknown place means someone cheating you and sending you to a wrong place.

Dreaming of oil spill means making something messy especially related to liquid. It also means something slipping and falling from your hand. It also means shame and embarrassment.

Dreams of oil spill and it changes color means you might feel delusional or tired in near future. It also means you seeing things that you cannot explain to others.