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Dreaming Of Oil – Meaning

Dreaming of oil is both good and bad as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream of seeing oil means you will find the right person or place to have your wishes fulfilled. It also means you will get the capital required to do a business. Dreams of oil and you see fire or accident means you will soon face unexpected trouble in life.

Dream of oil and you see other people in the dream means you will have to share something you like with other people and you will not be happy with it.

Dreaming of oil spilling or floating on ground means accident due to carelessness. It also means you falling for the trap set by your enemies.

Dreams of oil and you see it in bottle or in large trunks means you will be participating in functions. It also means a busy period and lot of food stuffs.

Dream of oil boiling and you wake up scared means accident from hot objects especially in kitchen to you or a family member.