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Dreaming Of Neighbours – Meaning

Dreaming of neighbours is both positive and negative as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will have to help or cooperate with your neighbors in near future. It also means some kind of serious interaction with your neighbours soon. Dreams of neighbours and you are seen angry means some kind of problem with your neighbors turning out to be a serious issue.

Dream of neighbors and you are seen happy means success, get together or happy occasion.

Dreaming of neighbours and you are dressed up or seen holding things mean vacation or picnic.

Dreams of children of neighbors and you are angry means children might cause some kind of problems for you. It also means fight among children.

Dream of neighbors and you are all worried or running means trouble in neighborhood due to natural calamity or due to activities of gangs.

Dream of neighbors in your house means your neighbors might face serious problems and you will have to give them space in your home.

Please note that have an intense interaction with your neighbors during daytime or just before sleep and having the dream does not have any meaning. A dream will have meaning only when it happens naturally without any kind of daytime influence.