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Dreaming Of My Underwear – Meaning

Dreaming of my underwear is a negative sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will soon do weird and kinky things. It also means you will be frustrated and to overcome this you will do things behind the doors that are not acceptable to society or your family. Dreams of my underwear also mean you will develop fetish of something due to new developments in life.

Dream of my underwear and you wake up terrified or crying means shameful incident in near future. It also means someone forcing you to do things that you detest. It also means trouble to your physically.

Dreaming of my underwear and you see other people with underwear in the dream means participating in something that is out of the ordinary. It also means being part of a competition.

Dreams of my underwear and you see only one person in the dream means indulging in acts of physical intimacy.