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Adhikara Nandi In Hindu Religion – Importance – Story - Form

Adhikara Nandi in Hindu religion is a popular form of Nandikeshwara, the bull of Shiva in South India. In this form, Nandi is represented in human form – in the form of Shiva. Adhikara Nandi form has four hands. As per Sivarchana Chandrika of Appayya Dikshita, the two back hands hold battle axe (parashu) and antelope (mruga). The two front hands are folded on the chest in anjali posture.  He is red complexioned and has a shaft on his shoulder and sword at his hip level. He wears Vibhuti and rudraksha. In other aspects, the Adhikara Nandi is quite similar to Dakshinamurti Shiva.

Why The Name Adhikara Nandi?

Nandi is the chief of the Shiva ganas. He has commanding power over the millions of ganas. As he has authority or adhikara over the ganas he is known as Adhikara Nandi.

Adhikara Nandi Stories

As per one story, Adhikara Nandi appeared from the right side of the body of Bhagavan Vishnu. Rishi Salakayana desired to have a son resembling Shiva. He performed intense tapas for achieving his desire. He propitiated Bhagavan Vishnu for several years. Pleased with the devotion and determination of Sage Salakayana, Bhagavan Vishnu blessed him with a boy resembling Shiva.

Another legend has it that a Sage named Nandi did intense penance of Shiva and became the chief of ganas.

Yet another legend has it that a blind sage named Shilada performed a power yajna. A young boy resembling Shiva appeared from the yajna. Rishi Shilada was in joy on hearing about the appearance of the boy. Hugging him brought intense joy or nandi to him. As the boy brought joy to him he was named Nandi.

As per Linga Purana, Shilada found Nandi while digging stones. Shilada had performed an intense penance towards Shiva to get a child to rescue his forefathers from hell. Shiva blessed the sage that he will get a son not from the womb. Shilada who lived by eating stones found the child while digging for stones.

Adhikara Nandi Form

Adhikara Nandi is widely worshipping in Shiva temples in South India. Sometimes he is depicted as having the face of bull. Mostly, the murti has human face and is in standing posture. But there are also murtis of Adhikara Nandi in sitting posture.

In sitting posture he holds axe (parashuvu) in right back hand and an animal in the left back hand and Varada Hastam in the front right hand and Adhikara Dandam in the front left hand.

As per Linga Purana, Adhikara Nandi is dark complexioned and is adorned with jatamakuta. He has three eyes and four hands. He holds shoola, tanka, gada and vajra. He has diamond kundala and they made sound like clouds.

Adhikara Nandi is an important Vahana during the Panguni festival at the Mylapore Kapaleeswarar Temple.