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Vallabh Suri - Jain Guru

Vallabh Suri is a famous dharmaguru, educationist, social reformer and Jain Acharya with foresight and insight. He worked tirelessly to spread Jainism all over India, especially in Punjab. Born in Vikram Smavat 1927 (1870 CE) in Baroda, to Shah Deepchand and Ichhabai, Vallabh renounced the world at the age of 17. In Vikram Samvat 1981 (1924 CE), he was anointed as an Acharya of the Jaina congregation in Lahore.

Vallabh wished to be recognized as a traveler of the right path and not as a Jaina, Buddhist or Hindu. He preached that one has to search for peace and happiness within and the source of infinite bliss and wisdom is within oneself. His spiritual master and guide was Vijayananda Suri.

Vallabh did a lot for the upliftment of the dalits and contributed immensely in the field of education and women’s welfare and their upliftment. He also participated in the Swadeshi movement led by Mahatma Gandhi. Most of the national leaders of that time were associated with him. He was responsible for the propagation of khadi (hand woven cloth) in Punjab. Vallabh established two gurukulas, seven Jaina schools and degree colleges, and libraries nationwide. He inspired Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya to establish a Jaina chair in Banaras Hindu Univesity with Pandit Sukhlal Sanghvi, another famous laureate, as the head.

Vallabh Suri was an inspiration to may kings and national leaders. He died in Vikram Samvat 2010 (1953) in Mumbai.